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If your favorite songs were Luxurious by Gwen Stefani or Glamorous by Fergie…

You were destined to be a paid hoe.

Does Something in your mouth by Nickelback count? I know it’s meant to humiliate SBs but jokes on you whatever-his-name-is, I’m pretty happy with my monthly income and this song had a huge influence on me.



Sex traffickers to their victims: “Oh fiddlesticks, backpage is down. I wouldn’t want you to have to work in less safe conditions, I guess you’re free to go! Here’s your passport back, and a new jacket. Oh, me? I’ll be fine, I’ve been thinking about starting an etsy business anyway.”


Do you do deep throat and  pussy kissing”

European escorts,

where do you advertise? Is there any international website that works the best for you?



What clients sound like when they tell you they “don’t need to pay for sex”

As sex workers, we sell a SERVICE just like hundreds of other services in our society. Buying a service doesn’t mean you can’t do it yourself, it simply means you chose not to for a variety of reasons. You don’t need to remind us that you can get sex elsewhere, we really aren’t judging nor do we even care.




Is it weird that I cringe more at the thought of ”cuddling"/etc with men i don’t know/like/aren’t attracted to than fucking them?

Triggered. I hate cuddling with clients so much, I think is so intimate and I only want to do it with people I truly love

I hate when they hold my hands during sex like it was some romantic lovemaking. (although I hate holding hands in my personal life too)

I fully support sex workers but the sex indust…

I fully support sex workers but the sex industry itself needs to be drastically changed for me to fully support sex work. With all the stigma, the sexual harassment and abuse, as well as trafficking and rape, sex workers need to be protected more than they are and the harmful industry is not helping. Many porn companies encourage their actors to starve themselves in order to fit their mould on camera, and it's frankly disheartening.

1. Not sure why you’re treating my inbox like a ‘sex-industry grievance box’. I’m not the Sex-Industry CEO, I just work here.

2. How I know this is mostly sanctimonious posturing is that you’re treating these issues as if they’re exclusive to our industry; unless you’re also withholding your support of many other industries (agricultural, service, modeling, and many more) where trafficking, assault, and unhealthy expectations from employers also occur without repercussion frequently. Constantly upholding the negatives in the adult industry as if they’re unique to us, inherent due to the nature of our work, or even as the majority’s experience, is what helps keep our industry stigmatized- so perhaps you shouldn’t be so comfortable doing so. If you want to ‘fully support sex workers’, you can stop going around withholding imaginary, doing-nothing, ideological support for our industry and pay the sex workers who you think are doing good for our industry so they may continue doing so.



When sex workers complain about their jobs, specifically the way men mistreat us (which is usually all there is to complain about, because when men are respectful towards me I love my job!) and then civilians say “well if you hate your job so much then don’t do it” in regards to men mistreating us…that’s pretty messed up. Once again we are shamed for our jobs instead of tackling the actually problem….men. It’s like saying “don’t dress like that if you don’t want to be raped”… “don’t work in sex work if you don’t want men to harasse you”….that’s shady. How about you support us and put your energy towards education men instead 🤷‍♀️









why are radfems called SWERFs or sex-worker exclusionary? I don’t think I’ve seen anyone who advocates against the health and safety of women in pornography or prostitution. we want the well-being of women who are forced or coerced into these fields, or who are harmed by them. if anything, radical feminism is supportive of the individual women “sex workers” and critical of the social factors that endanger them.

Because they speak over us, have a massive shitty savior complex, and contribute to and reinforce stigma and stereotypes by claiming that our line of work is inherently exploitive and regurgitating condescending “poor, poor, abused women” bullshit, and if any of us had any kind of choice in the matter then we’re silenced because we MUST be the “rare” and “privileged” few who therefore have no right to defend our line of work, because WHO would CHOOSE such a disgusting, worthless job like sex work? Sex workers want to end stigma and violence against us through decriminalization and social acceptance, which SWERFs refuse to accept because that would go against their purist, fake-ally getup. If you haven’t done sex work then your opinion on sex work doesn’t matter.

I’m sorry, but we want to end violence against y’all as well, I don’t understand why you think that.. & we HAVE been listening to “sex workers”, that’s why we know it hurts women.

I can link you to a post I recently made if you’d like to see my stance.

No, they have NOT been listening to sex workers, they have been stringing together a list of our personal accounts and statistics to fit THEIR narrative and not ours. Radfems want to abolish the sex industry, and most support the Nordic model, which is against everything sex workers stand for. Anytime they talk about the industry they rip it apart and make it out to be this awful, abusive place where sex workers are coerced and hate their jobs, which is what all of society ALREADY DOES and it MAKES STIGMA WORSE. SWERFs are not are allies and they don’t care about US, they care about their ideology.

So from your response I get the vibe you only care about the stigma “sex workers” face in the industry, not the actual violence..? Correct me if I’m wrong ig. Since you didn’t actually answer my question I’m going to post some stuff here anyway. 

Legalized prostitution increases human trafficking. I hope you know why this is bad.

  • The murder rate for American prostitutes is 204 in every 100,000, making it the most dangerous job in America.
  • The high demand for prostitutes drove sex trafficking up to a $58 billion dollar industry.
  • 2.5 million women are currently being trafficked.
  • The average age female prostitutes start is age 14.
  • Estimated 50% of prostitutes have HIV around the world.
  • 80% of prostitutes want to leave (unspecified why they don’t leave), & 92% say they want to leave but can’t due to lack of food or money.
  • About 40% of prostitutes are former child prostitutes who were illegally forced into the profession through human trafficking or once were teenage runaways
  • Many men feel that they are safer from AIDS if they have sex with younger prostitutes, increasing the market for younger prostitutes. 60% percent of children reported missing as a result of running away become prostitutes for some period of time to survive.
  • 58% reported being assaulted.
  • Between 75-95% of prostitutes were abused as children.
  • One of the top 3 reasons for hiring a prostitute was to experience a racial, discriminatory sex act or fetish.

both sources 

(x) (x)

If you can look at these statistics & tell me it’s just a fun & empowering job, & that feminists shouldn’t be concerned over the safety & welfare of women.. we have nothing left to talk about. Radfems are not against “sex workers”, we are against the industry that hurts them. We are against everything I just listed. If you cared to notice, a handful of radfems actually are ex prostitutes or cam girls etc. 

If listening to the stigma will help get women & girls out of prostitution & save them abuse, why the fuck not? If you haven’t experienced any of this I am honestly so happy, but you need to realize that makes you a minority. So many women aren’t happy  can’t get out. So many are being abused. Why do y’all get pissy when we acknowledge that not all prostitutes are happy & safe? You are SILENCING other women. 

Wow, amazing how you just did EXACTLY what I said SWERFs do to silence sex workers!!! You’re not even trying. Let me ask, have you ever done sex work? No? Then shut your fucking mouth because YOU are silencing ME and ALL OTHER SEX WORKERS.

If a sex worker ever disagrees with you, you are going to accuse them of being the following: 1) privileged 2) harmful to other sex workers, even though you know NOTHING about their situation, their work, or their experiences. The people who know THE MOST about the dangers of the sex industry are THE WOMEN IN IT, not you, no matter how much “research” you’ve done to confirm your bias.

WE are the ones helping to end violence. WE are our OWN activists, we have our OWN protests and our OWN agenda. YOU ARE NOT ANYONE’S SAVIOR. Good fucking luck trying to get us to abandon our income and survival by telling us that it’s dangerous like we don’t fucking know that already!!!

SWERFs have done nothing but ignore us, ostracize us, and EXPLOIT our horror stories by using them to YOUR advantage. VIOLENCE HAPPENS BECAUSE OF STIGMA, NOT BECAUSE OF THE WORK ITSELF, and NO sex worker – besides the MINORITY radfems on this site that confirm your bias – feels helped or supported by your selfish, useless “activism.”

You think I’m fucking stupid? You think I don’t KNOW there is abuse and terrible shit that goes on? Guess what. I don’t need a statistic to tell me that, because I fucking SEE IT, I LIVE IT, and I AM FRIENDS WITH THESE MEN AND WOMEN IN REAL LIFE. How many sex workers do you know? Like ACTUALLY know? I’m not talking about the radfems on tumblr who’ve done it. I mean in your actual life. How many escorts do you know? How many strippers? How many pornstars? ANY sex worker? Maybe one or two? I work with women from all backgrounds. Some were in poverty and have kids to feed. Some are just trying to pay off student loans. I dropped out of school because of mental illness and have since had money problems, but I’m not mentally capable of doing full-time intellectual labor. But we’re all in the same goddamn workplace, doing the same work and having the same bad and good experiences with customers. And if you take this job away from us? Shit all over it? Tell us that our lives MUST suck or else we’re a privileged minority? You’ve done nothing.

We could all work a 9-5 minimum wage job if we wanted to. But that to us is more exhausting, degrading, and underpaid than any kind of sex work.

I want men to stop touching me inappropriately, so I want men to learn to RESPECT sex workers and understand that this is MY JOB. I want men to stop threatening me, ripping me off, and stalking me, so I want men to learn to RESPECT sex workers and understand that this is MY JOB. I want men to stop using my line of work as an excuse to molest me, abuse me, and disrespect me, so I want men to learn to RESPECT sex workers and understand that this is MY JOB. Please, show these men what you just said. Tell them that we are raped, abused, have all these problems. Because I bet you $500 that not only do they not give a shit, they will use that as an excuse to keep doing it because they’ll think it’s a common, socially acceptable thing to do and that it’s just the nature of the work. Dead hooker jokes galore!

Tell my future employer what you just said and see if they’ll want to hire me more based on it. Oops. There goes the potential job I could’ve had that would’ve gotten me out of sex work! But maybe they wouldn’t mind if they learned to RESPECT sex workers and knew that it was MY JOB.

I’m actually doing what we KNOW will help us. Sex work should be accepted as real, legitimate, respectable work. You’re doing what you THINK is helpful, but it’s NOT. You are MAKING THINGS WORSE. So fuck you. Stop speaking over us.

I would like to start by saying STOP CALLING HUMAN TRAFFICKING VICTIMS PROSTITUTES!! What’s wrong with you??? Is consent that hard for you to understand???

Also think REALLY critically about where these statistics come from….WHO do you think they asked to get these numbers? Being that sex work is illegal in the US, do you think sex workers were lining up to take this pole for an organization that is trying to save sex workers? Most likely, they were asking girls who escaped human trafficking, who aren’t sex workers at all, they are rape and kidnapping victims, and so these stats aren’t a great representation of what sex work is really like at all. If you’ve had any university education you should know that statistics are rarely a good representation or source of information. There is no way to ask everyone, or ask everyone at random ex. All sex workers from street, survival, mid-range and high end (notice how I didn’t put human trafficking victims or minors in there?)

I don’t know why people have such a difficult time distinguishing rape and consensual sex, it’s not that fucking hard. So once again, STOP CALLING HUMAN TRAFFICKING VICTIMS PROSTITUTES. Like honestly WTF? 🤔😒🙄🙄🙄🙄




Do people purposefully put music on during sex?

This client before mentioned how there was no music on

And I’m thinking I’ve never purposefully put music on during vanilla or SW sex. I don’t think music has ever been on just coincidentally either. Lol. One time a guy I was dating put music on afterward

Like aren’t you too in the moment to bother or pay attention? Lol

Omg I always put music on if I’m hosting incalls because I sort of hate hotel atmosphere and it makes it feel more natural/comfortable for me…also I like listening to it when the sex is boring 🙈

I put on music so that I can track time 😀


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