Nothing pisses me off more than when someone’s neglecting me. In this case it’s a quite long story…

Nothing pisses me off more than when someone’s neglecting me. In this case it’s a quite long story but the point is that I’m trying to negotiate about the price of a netbook I want to buy. Actually we already agreed on a price but I didn’t remember that so 2 days ago I sent an e-mail to the girl (let’s call her A.) if she’s OK with $xxx, and why I think it’s a fair price. What I didn’t remember is that we already agreed on a price which was actually exactly $xxx. Plus I also asked if the charger to the netbook that she ordered arrived yet. No answer for one day but I checked her blog and she wrote there. So i sent another e-mail asking for an answer. 
At the end of the day her boyfriend wrote me saying that A. asked him to handle this. And he claimed we agreed that I have to pay for the charger too. I’m pretty sure we didn’t but anyway he wasn’t even there because I talked about it with A. I’m sure about it because if I were the one who has to pay for the charger as well, I’d buy it for the same price I could buy the same netbook with one year warranty (her netbook has no warranty). Yes, we agreed that I would handle it, that I would buy it but as I remember we were talking that we deduce its price from the netbook’s price then. 

Anyway, those are just technical issues. What I got pissed of about is that:

– I have a deal with someone who neglects my e-mails for whatever reasons.
– she send her boyfriend to negotiate with me for whatever reasons and her boyfriend tells his offer in a rude way like I tried to cheat on the deal which I didn’t.
– I had a good reationship with her boyfriend so I’m angry about her because she created another situation where our relationship can damage again.
– I’m also angry about the boyfriend because I didn’t deserve the way he was talking to me.

And i just don’t understand the situation overall: OK, the thing I understand the most is the bf’s rude answer. I’d had an argument with him about this netbook before and even if theoretically he has nothing to do with I also treated it before like he had. And even if that indeed he was asked to order the charger etc, I should have dealt with A. regarding any questions. This is why I asked her this time if the charger arrived and about the price. And when th bf answered I only wrote him that he shouldn’t talk to me this way or accuse me because I don’t deserve it, and anyway, it’s A. whom I try to make a deal.

What i still don’t understand is that why A. doesn’t answer me? It”s like she either is angry about something (which she will never tell you, you have to figure it out) or scared to negotiate. I can’t find any reason for the first version, nor to the second one. We already agreed in the price and everything. 
Or simply she’s like “oh, I already gave the job to my bf I won’t even bother answering”. I don’t know. I just don’t get it.

But I am really pissed off. I mean, when we lived together in three, she was always like “treat me and my bf as individuals” but how if whenever she has to deal with me she ask her bf to do the job and then just doesn’t answer me? I used to fall for it and started to argue with her bf because he was the only one who was willing to talk to me even if I had the problem with her. 

By the way I wouldn’t mind that she dosn’t answer if she didn’t have the charger I need. The current one is so weak I can use the computer only a few hours before the battery runs out even if I’m charging it constantly.

My own notebook is in service for 2-3 more weeks so I could very much appreciate a good charger. Now I’m using my flatmate’s pc but he will be home soon.

Well, I don’t know. I think I won’t buy this netbook because I never really liked it anyway. But I will use it as much as I can and neglect the e-mails when they want to get it back….

The only problem is that A. owns me money, a bit more than the value of this netbook. She will never do this but her bf might say that we actually agreed on this deal so she can keep the money. Well, I won’t let it.


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