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there is a reason why Black Girls Rock exist. thats why organizations exist to uplift black girls. people refuse to acknowledge that misogynoir exists. they refuse to listen to black girls and their struggles. 

What in the fuck is wrong with you people black women are beautiful and why is there a ranking on women and race that shit is stupid people should just like what they like that shit childish


I thought about not posting this . But I need some of yall to understand how fucking stupid you sound . Especially since black women are the muse of all other races . I also need you to understand how society has fuxked you so bad that you are blinded by Colourism . Aren’t you exhausted? Coming up with reasons to “hate ” perfect ? Also 100 percent of all of this is bullshit. It’s old , its played out and making a sandwich isn’t cooking . Burning in the sun isn’t cute . Having a person control your every move isn’t a “less of a headache ” that’s called being spineless / a lap dog . Looking like you are 79 when you are in your 20s isnt cute . Not realizing that you as a black man or woman is still having a BLACK CHILD NO MATTER HOW FAR AWAY SOCIETY TELLS YOU TO RUN FROM WHAT GOD HAS BLESSED YOU WITH (LA MELANIN) is just fucking sad .Seriously my G unfuck yourself . Cause honestly yall can get some help with your mental illness its as easy as doxxing. You motherfuckers gonna start learning how to love yourself . Just because you feel a way about yourself doesn’t mean you should project your self hate on someone else to make them feel small or less . I’m over this shit . You will be corrected if you can not unfuck yourself .


Eh . . I’m not worried about these types of black men. Not all black men are like this but those who are barely bother me.

They have the highest divorce rate out of all the minorities, when it comes to interracial dating.

Black women have the lowest divorce rate out of all the minorities when it comes to interracial dating.

Also half them are unlikely to marry their spouse, wifey or significant other. 

I don’t chase after these niggas. I had a wonderful father who was a rare breed, when it comes to black men.  I’ve yet to encounter a black man like my father but I’ve met many attractive brothers who were good men who worship black women.

Also another thing ….. A true pure blood sisters upkeep is more expensive than a white girls. The weave, the hair, the nails,healthy food, shopping, and the usual comforts of lifestyle. Most these types of brothers can’t afford to finance that. It’s cheaper for them to date out and disrespect those girls in the same way.

Why bother worrying about these types of brothers? These are the same types of brothers who LOSE their shit when they see you in a Bentley styling in your Loubies with your Millionaire.

They be the first to clown and the first to LOSE their shit.

White girls can have these Niggas.  I’m not losing no sleep over them nor do I care to educate them. They are happy being colorist and I say let them be! I’m not gonna beg some nigga to love himself. That’s his problem not mine.

Who wants to have bi-racial babies with a nigga who hates himself? Think of the damage he would do to the children with his self hate. Any girl who procreates with that is a fool. LOL

I think its a good thing these niggas expose themselves and their mental illness.  A lot of them are ugly as hell too. This way they can breed themselves out of our gene pool.

My uncle married a german woman out of love. Not because she was white and he wanted his children to have good hair. 

This is horrendous

I never claimed to be a good person but Why cry over some dude who is never going to want you? Let him go … . girl let him go.

There are plenty of black men who LOVE black women.  I say stop concentrating on these losers. Stop giving them spotlight. Start highlighting the men who do good.

You know? Manipulate the field like a hot girl does and starve these niggas out.



Yo black women are fucking goddesses okay.

Though I’m not sure how happy I am with that article. Because I think this is kinda offensive to white girls too.

There are some nasty ass stereotypes going on okay

One of my white girlfriends was dating a brother and he used to talk to her like this. Come to find out years later he was super abusive and beating the shit out of her.

Beware of brothers who talk like this. This is not a gentleman.  A real gentleman is going to treat you like a queen regardless of your race. 

If a black guy is fetishizing you like this … fucking run.

Explains their fetish towards submission. 

Jesus. Good riddance to those guys! According to their values who WOULDN’T want to be a black woman? Yikes. Bullet dodged.

I won’t react to most of that because they are just riculous but just these few:

10.) I have curly hair (I’m white btw) and I am ALWAYS afraid of my hair getting curly from rain etc. When I was a teenager I couldn’t live without straightening my hair constantly. Btw as far as I know there are a lot of black people with natural straigth hair.

8.). I guess then you also shouldn’t date any Hungarians with a traditional Hungarian name (Csenge, Örs, Réka, Boglárka, Zselyke, Mátyás, Mihály, Dorottya, Kincső, Sebestyén – and these are almost all popular names here)


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